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Yankton homecoming moved four hours away

downloadThere has been a lot of conversation and, naturally, a lot of disappointment for Yankton fans over the last two days after we learned the suspended game between Yankton and Aberdeen Central will now be played in Aberdeen. Yes, Yankton’s homecoming game. How does this happen?

Let’s start with Friday, September 19th. Yankton enters the game 3-0 and Aberdeen Central is 2-1, with both teams knowing this is a huge game for them. And both play like it. The game goes back and forth and just before halftime Yankton gave the ball back to the Golden Eagles. Aberdeen Central moves down the field and scores with 13 seconds left in the half. On the ensuing kickoff Yankton nearly answered with a kickoff return into Aberdeen Central territory with just five seconds left. I was in favor of giving the kicker, Brady Hale, a chance at a field goal, but if I remember correctly it would have been about a 62 yard field goal. That’s a long shot, obviously, but the kid has a cannon for a leg. The half ends with Yankton trailing 20-17.  Continue reading

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