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Basketball: Should women play after men?

It seems more and more these days we are changing aspects we have known for so long to try and push “equality”. Sometimes it can be simple things, but the bottom line…..if it’s been this way for men then it can be the same way for women. Is this true in all cases? I first want to make it clear that I am not a sexist human being in anyway and my intentions here are not to make myself appear that way.

Ever since I was a little fella, excited to get the chance to go watch the high school teams play, I can remember going to basketball games and watching the girls play before the boys capped off the night with a contest of their own. It doesn’t matter what level I was watching, the women were first. That’s only proper, right? I grew up being taught that women get served first, women are saved first, you let women walk through the door first, you hold the door for women, etc. These are all characteristics of being a gentlemen…..or so I thought. Continue reading

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