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Ferrer hits ball into stands

One of the topics for discussion today has been the act by David Ferrer. The Spanish tennis player lobbed a ball into the stands during a match after he lost a point, while a baby was crying. The outpouring from this act has been tremendous. People are screaming for this guy’s head. While I don’t believe Ferrer was right to do this, was it really as bad as we are trying to make it? First off, you watch the video if you haven’t yet and then continue reading. Continue reading

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Americans pull through….

When I got to work yesterday (Wednesday, June 23) I had every intention of watching the USA soccer match in ESPN3.com, while preparing an interview. I get the match connected to a big screen from a laptop and begin work. As I look over from time to time I see the amount of missed chances by USA. I kept thinking to myself, “this is going to be another year where the Americans choke”. Continue reading

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