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Commercial Sunday…

With Commercial Sunday, er….uh….Super Bowl Sunday in the air I thought it was time to go back and look at my best and worst from Super Bowl 45. None of this involves the game. It’s a look at best companies, worst companies, biggest fail (National Anthem) and the top ten commercials.

Take a look for yourself as we prepare for this year’s commercials. A 30-second spot this year costs nearly $3.5 million.

My Best and worst from Super Bowl 45

Perhaps someone will top it this year. We are a few hours away from knowing.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

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Top 10 Commercials of Super Bowl XLV

Each and every year one of the most talked about things from the Super Bowl are the commercials. There are always some commercials that make you laugh out loud, some that make you shake your head and others that leave you staring into the television wondering what just happened. Some people plan to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials alone.

I have put together a list of my top 10 commercials from this year, top five companies and some of the ugliest. The list is based on commercials that were played after kickoff and immediately following the game. While my opinion is factored into the list, it also includes input from Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

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