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South Dakota OL Sam McLeran discusses recovery

sam mcleranThe worst sight on a football field is when a player falls to the ground and doesn’t get up. It’s sickening when they aren’t moving. As a fan, player, coach, etc you hope for even the slightest movement. Something to make you feel as if the player is going to be OK.

Earlier ┬áthis season South Dakota traveled to Macomb, Ill. for a conference game against Western Illinois. In the first half right guard Sam McLeran pulled around the left side and double-teamed a linebacker as he’s done many times before. Sam fell to the ground and didn’t get up. The training staff for South Dakota rushed onto the field, joined by staffers from Western Illinois. After an on-field evaluation the ambulance was called onto the field. Sam’s dad and brother walked onto the field to be with Sam as he was strapped onto a backboard and loaded into an ambulance. Players and coaches from both teams sat on a knee, concerned for Sam’s health. Fans prayed. There was encouraging applause as Sam was lifted into the ambulance and again as the ambulance drove off the field. Continue reading

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