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P90X – Week 4 and 5

So I got lazy last week and failed to update the old blog and progress of P90X. I will combine both week’s in this edition. Week 4 was a recovery week so there was less lifting and more of the cardio-type workouts. Week 5 began phase two of the program. The schedule was the same as the previous phase, with the exception of one workout. It’s hard to believe, but I have almost made it to the halfway point of the program. Continue reading

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P90X – Week 2

I found it a lot more difficult to start the workout on Monday. I am someone who likes to try something new so week one was easy to get through because every workout I was doing was something new. Week two is a repeat of week one and when it came time to do the workout on Monday I sit and stared at the tv. Finally a half hour later I was into the workout and actually enjoying here. If you are reading this then you may have read week one. If not, you can read it here. Continue reading

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P90X – Week 1

I have decided that one way to hold myself accountable for sticking with P90X is to try to keep up with a weekly blog. The goal of this section of my blog is to talk about my experience with the program, to track progress and to help motivate others if they are also trying it out. I hope you enjoy the read and if you would like to keep each other motivated then let me know. Continue reading

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