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Update: “Baseball: It’s just a game”

Two months ago I was standing on a baseball field when sports and life were put into perspective. Sports has helped us cope with many things, but at the end of the day it truly is just a game and means a lot less than we try to make it out to be. I shared my experience through this blog. And if you haven’t read it you can do so by clicking here. I wrote the story to express my thoughts and share what I had just taken in. The response was incredible. It was overwhelming. The blog has been viewed more times than I could have imagined. Emails poured into my inbox, some stopped to comment and others spread it on to their friends. The story was ran in newspapers in Shelton and Gibbon and for that I owe Steve Glenn a big thank you. I asked for anyone to share an update on the young man in the story. Tonight I received one that will explain everything the young man went through and still goes through as he continues his recovery. I wanted to share the update to anyone who found interest in the blog I wrote.

Here is the update: Continue reading

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Baseball: It’s just a game

Too many times parents, fans, players, coaches and officials get so wrapped up in a sports contest the idea that “it’s just a game” is lost. The players get yelled at or frustrated with one another. Fans yell obscene things when they disagree with the judgement of an official. And sometimes parents try to get more out of their kids than the kids want to give. Anyone who attended the Nebraska Class B Juniors Legion state baseball tournament was reminded that sometimes there is more to the game.  Continue reading

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