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Tressel out, insert candidate name here

Photo courtesy of dtrsports.com

News this morning that Jim Tressel had resigned as the head coach of Ohio State didn’t shock too many. With the recent events in the football program replacing the coach seemed inevitable. Speculation now begins on who could be the next Buckeyes head coach. Luke Fickell has been named the interim head coach for the 2011 season. You may recall that Fickell was scheduled to be the Buckeyes head coach during the five-game suspension for Tressel. Now he will get his chance earlier than expected to be the boss of the Buckeye program.  Continue reading

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Officials influenced drives, but did not decide the game

It is not a good night to be in Husker Nation. Fans have erupted with comments about the officiating after Nebraska’s loss to Texas A&M. Some people are saying they are cancelling trips to the Big 12 Championship game in Dallas because if the Huskers make it they feel the officials will work to put Nebraska on the losing end. I have shared my thoughts on the game and tried to reason with some people and I have been told that I “have changed”, I’ve been called an Aggie and I have been called a diplomatic. I have even had comments deleted that were in no way negative, but honest. Continue reading

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Game of the Week Preview: Southern Virginia at Lindsey Wilson

Due to the lack of history for Lindsey Wilson and the youth of players on the team,
“Thayer’s Thoughts” will not be offering a position-by-position breakdown of this week’s game of the week. However, we will take a look at the matchup and get an overview of the game. You can also watch for the Special, mystery position-by-position breakdown that will take the place of this week’s. Continue reading

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VSN Game of the Week Preview: Baker vs Ottawa (VSN First Down Classic)

When you think of a rivalry, there are a number of matchups that come to mind. They range anywhere from the Yankees/Red Sox to Cowboys/Eagles to Texas/Oklahoma and many others. Most rivalries, when asked, come to mind because you have heard of it recently. What about a rivalry that disappears but still remains one of the best long standing rivalries? Continue reading

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