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This week is a test, for you, Husker fans

For as long as I can remember the fans in Lincoln, Nebraska have been known as some of the greatest fans in the country. They welcome outsiders to Lincoln  to enjoy a football game. They follow the Huskers on the road filled with passion and knowledge about the game of football. Many sportswriters have come to Nebraska and left writing stories about their positive experience. They have written that there is no better college football atmosphere. They have written that fans are the nation’s best. And most importantly, they have acknowledged that there truly is ‘No Place Like Nebraska’. Continue reading

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Officials influenced drives, but did not decide the game

It is not a good night to be in Husker Nation. Fans have erupted with comments about the officiating after Nebraska’s loss to Texas A&M. Some people are saying they are cancelling trips to the Big 12 Championship game in Dallas because if the Huskers make it they feel the officials will work to put Nebraska on the losing end. I have shared my thoughts on the game and tried to reason with some people and I have been told that I “have changed”, I’ve been called an Aggie and I have been called a diplomatic. I have even had comments deleted that were in no way negative, but honest. Continue reading

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Ed Cunningham is hot topic in Husker Nation

Forget about Roy Helu’s recording setting day or anyone involved with Election Day, the most talked about name across Husker Nation is Ed Cunningham, a broadcaster for ABC.  Fans have erupted over the last two weeks after comments Cunningham made during Nebraska football telecasts at Oklahoma State and against Missouri. Continue reading

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Big 12 survives….did Nebraska make the right move?

As the Big 12 Conference finds a way to survive, the question becomes whether or not Nebraska made the right move to leave for the Big 10 offer. If a TV deal does indeed get reached with the new Big 12 then it will appear that perhaps Nebraska should have stayed put.

Let’s remember that Texas did not want a part of a TV deal that would lead to even revenue

Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds

sharing. Nebraska wanted this to be fair. The Huskers will get this with the move to the Big 10. Nebraska is going to a conference that paid each of its schools $22 million last season from the Big Ten Network. Yes, there is a new TV deal in the works for the Big 12, but at first report it looks like Texas will make more money that the rest of the schools (somewhere in the $20-$25 million range). Continue reading

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Conference Realignment Winners/Losers

The move of Nebraska to the Big Ten Conference has sparked conversation and controversy all over the college football world. Bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, analysts and reporters are all reporting what “sources” say. While the NBA finals are trying to wrap up and college baseball teams try to validate their ticket to Omaha, many eyes have turned to college football. We don’t need to mention the seasons begin in August and this is June. No matter what changes happen, there are always winners and losers. If the college football changes end today here are the top five winners and losers. Continue reading

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