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Czech Days Queen Candidates hope to hear their name Saturday night

czech daysCzech Days in Tabor, SD kicks off tonight and there will be plenty to do over the weekend. Tonight the Tabor Bluebirds amateur baseball teams hosts Lesterville at 7:30pm. After the fireworks follow the Czech Days weekend is officially underway. There will be plenty of dancing and Kolache eating over the next couple of days with many other activities mixed in.

For four girls, their hope is to be the next Czech Days Queen. Some have the queen bloodline and Kolache skills, but all have the proud heritage.

I had the chance to interview this year’s candidates about the process and the Czech Days celebration.

Grace Adam

Kimberly Stribal

Morgan Rothscadl

Kelsey Kocer

Have a great Czech Days weekend!

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Polar Plunge a success

Sometimes doing things to make yourself happy is good. Sometimes doing something to see someone else smile is better. When you can combine the two it is one of the greatest feelings you can possibly have.

In January I made a vow to myself that I was going to start living a better life. It’s not that I have been living life in a horrible way, but I do believe we can all get better with certain things. One of the things I wanted to do was do something for a good cause. I have always thought it would be fun to try a polar plunge. I came across one less than two hours away and began to ponder whether or not to do it. The plunge was a fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Nebraska. Continue reading

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Using surroundings as entertainment

You sit looking straight ahead as the pavement continues to disappear before you, mile-by-mile. Looking out the window there are open plains in every direction, only passing by the occasional feed lots and farms. The brown colored grass and weeds blend in with the turned up dirt in the fields. The occasional green tree  and road sign are all that give color to the land. The rolling hills make up the view as far as you can see. There isn’t much to look at for entertainment. Continue reading

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Success, Love, Happiness….

We live life in search of many things, but when it is all said and done there are only three things we truly want to find: Success, Love, Happiness.

1. SUCCESS – We all set out to be successful beings. You define your own success. Some people search for professional success, while others are content with private success. Continue reading

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My experience: Worldwide Candle Lighting

The candle burning strong just after being lit.

You have all lit a candle before. It’s simple. Sometimes getting a match or lighter to cooperate is tougher than lighting the candle itself. Unless, of course, you are lighting the candle for someone or something. When there is a purpose it changes your entire perspective of simply lighting a candle. It makes you think. It makes you wonder. It makes you smile. It makes you cry. If you have ever participated in a candlelight vigil of any kind you understand. Continue reading

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Facebook: It’s evil

When Facebook began it was for a select few college students. Then it opened to all college students. And finally, it became available to anyone who could use a computer or knew someone who could use a computer for them. The idea in the beginning is that people could stay in touch with one another or reconnect with people you have lost contact for. This “thing” blew up and has become something phenomenal. This phenom has changed our society. It has changed people. And the change isn’t for the better. Continue reading

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Courageous: A must see

By now you have probably heard of the movie Courageous, perhaps you haven’t. I heard about this movie a few months ago and have anticipated it hitting theaters. On Sept. 30, it did. Some people will be turned off by its religious appeal. Some might think its “just another one of those movies”. Keep reading and without spoiling the movie I am going to attempt to get you to understand why this is a must see for not only every guy in America, but women as well.  Continue reading

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The Run….

It’s the run. Some of you know the run. Some of you may not. It’s the run that allows you to think about life, everything. It’s you, alone in the world. You are frustrated from the day, whether it’s work, a relationship or just life struggles, but you need to release the frustration so you go for a run. On this run, different from most days, nothing will stop you. You don’t have a distance in mind. There is not a time you are trying to beat. There’s no one to judge you on your speed or pace.

Some of you may have a voice in your head, that sounds similar to this….. Continue reading

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Top 10 Commercials of Super Bowl XLV

Each and every year one of the most talked about things from the Super Bowl are the commercials. There are always some commercials that make you laugh out loud, some that make you shake your head and others that leave you staring into the television wondering what just happened. Some people plan to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials alone.

I have put together a list of my top 10 commercials from this year, top five companies and some of the ugliest. The list is based on commercials that were played after kickoff and immediately following the game. While my opinion is factored into the list, it also includes input from Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day: A day to remember and say thanks..

Thank you to all the men and women, past, present and future, for serving this great country

Veteran’s Day has officially passed us by, so this post could be outdated to some. I spent the day thinking about a lot of things. Everything I did on the day I asked myself if I could do it without the sacrifice made by so many people. I have always believed that those who are fighting chose to do so. I think it has to have a certain level of interest to be successful. I was never interested. But I am certainly thankful that so many were. These people leave their families for a year or more at a time. Some return for a short period and are back at it. Continue reading

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