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Steelers top Seahawks for 7th Super Bowl Championship

Steelers looking to add trophy No. 7.

Steelers looking to add trophy No. 7.

Who’s ready for that headline on February 2?

As we gear up for the NFL Playoffs it’s time for predictions. And since I enjoy people telling me I am wrong I will share my predictions. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers entering the playoffs. And you have to like the Seahawks because they are the hottest team entering the playoffs and play at home where they rarely lose. So those are my favorites.

And here is how we get to the Super Bowl. Continue reading

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Chiefs need QB, is the draft the answer?

DraftIt’s no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs need to address the quarterback position. Matt Cassel will be run out of town at the first opportunity when the season is over. Brady Quinn has had an opportunity to prove himself and it hasn’t happened. With the NFL season coming to an end the focus will turn to the draft. Kansas City will be sitting at the top of the draft, where they have not drafted well in the Scott Pioli era. So, who’s available? Continue reading

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Commercial Sunday…

With Commercial Sunday, er….uh….Super Bowl Sunday in the air I thought it was time to go back and look at my best and worst from Super Bowl 45. None of this involves the game. It’s a look at best companies, worst companies, biggest fail (National Anthem) and the top ten commercials.

Take a look for yourself as we prepare for this year’s commercials. A 30-second spot this year costs nearly $3.5 million.

My Best and worst from Super Bowl 45

Perhaps someone will top it this year. We are a few hours away from knowing.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

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The Tebow has risen…

It's "Tebow Time" in Denver. John Fox elected to answer the fans chants and play Tebow on Sunday, will it continue after the bye week?

Week 5 of the NFL season gave us a lot to talk about. The 49ers gave an absolute beating to the Tampa Bay Bucs, Eli Manning and Matt Schaub both threw for over 400 yards, the Raiders held of the Texans a day after owner Al Davis passed away, the Eagles, previously known as the Dream Team, fell to 1-4 on the season and so much more. Fans in the mile high city left the stadium happy despite a loss to division rival San Diego. Why were they happy after a loss? Tim Tebow was inserted in to run the offense in the second half. After a struggling Kyle Orton couldn’t get things going in the first half it was time for a change. A change that Denver fans have been asking for since the lockout was lifted.  Continue reading

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Oh, so you’re that fan…

So you’re that fan. You know, the one that played high school football. Well, kind of. You were on the team but never really made it on the field due to lack of ability. That, of course, is the truth. As far as people who didn’t grow up with you know you were the quarterback that led your team to a couple of fourth quarter comebacks and on to the state football playoffs. You can say that. Are they really going to take the time to look it up? No. Of course that was back in the day when you were fit and in shape. You didn’t carry the 270lb belly keg that you currently have.  Continue reading

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Top 10 Commercials of Super Bowl XLV

Each and every year one of the most talked about things from the Super Bowl are the commercials. There are always some commercials that make you laugh out loud, some that make you shake your head and others that leave you staring into the television wondering what just happened. Some people plan to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials alone.

I have put together a list of my top 10 commercials from this year, top five companies and some of the ugliest. The list is based on commercials that were played after kickoff and immediately following the game. While my opinion is factored into the list, it also includes input from Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

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Randy Moss in Kansas City….it just makes sense

Randy Moss (left) and Matt Cassel (Right) shined for the Patriots in 2008. Could the duo reunite in Kansas City?

First and foremost the talented problem child would have to fall far enough for the Chiefs to make a claim, but if he does fall to the Chiefs – they need to sign him.

If you asked me a year ago I wouldn’t have been a fan of Kansas City signing a guy like Randy Moss. Everyone knows that anywhere the wide receiver ends up there is baggage to follow.

Why would Moss be a good fit for Kansas City?

1. The Chiefs don’t have a true No. 1 – Yes, Dwayne Bowe is an improved wide receiver, but the former LSU standout is notorious for dropping big time passes. He has made some big plays, but he does drop a lot of balls. Continue reading

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The life of an offical….it’s a love/hate thing…

Last night, June 2, I was umpiring a baseball game. I watched two poorly played baseball games and saw one young man (the pitcher) take a line drive off the side of the head that left him hospitalized. It happened in the second inning of the game and there was never a good feeling the rest of the night. I told one of the coaches I would rather be anywhere else than on that field. Continue reading

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Cold Weather Super Bowl a ‘WIN’ for the NFL

The recent decision by NFL owners has stirred conversation all over the country. Some fans and players are all for a Super Bowl being played in a ‘cold weather’ city, while others have showed their displeasure with the announcement. Here is why playing the Super Bowl in East Rutherford is a WIN for the league.

First, we begin by sorting out every NFL team into one of two categories: cold weather & warm weather. In this case, a ‘cold weather’ team is a team located in a city that has an average February temperature of less than 50°F. This temperature is the cut-off based on the NFLs’ ‘50 degree rule’. Continue reading

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