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The Bat Flip: Jose Bautista



Normally, I would tell you I hate the bat flip. It’s arrogant and disrespectful. It shows up the pitcher. It makes you look like an idiot. But, yesterday….yesterday I absolutely loved it.

If the Blue Jays and Rangers were simply playing in a regular season game I would have been disgusted with the way Jose Bautista carried himself. But it wasn’t just a regular game. It was a playoff series-clinching win for the Blue Jays with so much more involved in the game. And the moment of that home run is something we just don’t get every day Continue reading

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MLB Postseason Predictions

mlb postseasonI wasn’t very good predicting who would be in the postseason. Of the 10 teams who will play in the playoffs, I had four of them. That’s not very good. In fact, it’s awful. But, hey, it’s better than not getting any correct. Here’s a look back at the April predictions.

So now we turn the page. The MLB Postseason gets underway tonight with the Yankees hosting Houston in the AL wild-card game. Since I am so awesome at predictions I will offer these. Continue reading

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2015 MLB Predictions

MLB_OpeningDay_TileI am one of the worst when it comes to predictions so don’t put any stock in what you read below, but it’s tradition to make predictions on Opening Day.

The Padres have made a ton of moves and you have to wonder if the moves will lead them to the playoffs or if it will be a total bust. It’s hard to believe they miss the playoffs with the roster they have put together, but it’s a long season and a lot of things have to go their way.

Last year the Royals made a run that many didn’t think was possible and they lost the World Series to the Giants. Can either team get back into the playoffs? It’s going to be tough.  Continue reading

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Oh, so you’re that fan…

So you’re that fan. You know, the one that played high school football. Well, kind of. You were on the team but never really made it on the field due to lack of ability. That, of course, is the truth. As far as people who didn’t grow up with you know you were the quarterback that led your team to a couple of fourth quarter comebacks and on to the state football playoffs. You can say that. Are they really going to take the time to look it up? No. Of course that was back in the day when you were fit and in shape. You didn’t carry the 270lb belly keg that you currently have.  Continue reading

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Fan puts digits on sign, inbox flooded

A Milwaukee Brewers fan asked Ryan Braun to marry her during a game. Like hundreds of others have done before with a sign at the game. One thing she did to separate herself from the others was put her cell phone number on the sign. The idea seemed like a good one….then it happened. The woman received hundreds of phone calls and text messages and even had her voicemail inbox so full when Braun tried to actually give her a call he couldn’t leave a message. Continue reading

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The Greatest Play In Baseball

Rick Monday swipes the American flag before it is burned at Dodger Stadium

There have been many fantastic plays throughout the years. Those plays have made baseball America’s favorite past time. You have seen highlights of guys running through walls to make a catch, falling over the dugout railing, big hits that surprised everyone and more. But the greatest play in baseball did not take place with the ball live. We go back to 1976 where 35 years ago to this day, Rick Monday did something that will make any American proud. Watch it for yourself: Continue reading

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MLB season is upside down

Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates…..

Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants…..

In recent years these teams have been grouped together. The top four have been sitting in the bottom of their respective divisions, while the bottom four have been at the top of their divisions fighting for the post season and winning pennants. Continue reading

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Opening Day Recap

Opening Day 2011 is in the books. Six games took center stage on Thursday March, 31 to get the Major League Baseball season underway. Some of the highlights include Ramon Hernadez walk off home run, Don Mattingly wins as manager and Albert Pujols left hitless. Here is a recap of the games on opening day –

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2011 MLB Predictions

Tis the season, baseball season. We are now hours away from Opening Day. What’s the start of baseball season without some predictions. Now, none of us can predict the perfect season because you never know who is going land on the DL. One player on some of these teams could be the difference on how they finish. On paper, it would appear that the Red Sox have one of the better offensive lineups, while the Phillies may have the best rotation in the history of they game. Let’s be honest, when all five are healthy, they are loaded. So here we go, predictions for 2011. Continue reading

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The life of an offical….it’s a love/hate thing…

Last night, June 2, I was umpiring a baseball game. I watched two poorly played baseball games and saw one young man (the pitcher) take a line drive off the side of the head that left him hospitalized. It happened in the second inning of the game and there was never a good feeling the rest of the night. I told one of the coaches I would rather be anywhere else than on that field. Continue reading

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