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When coaches teach players to disrespect the game…..we all lose

sportsmanshipSometimes I think I should blog more. Perhaps no one will read it, but a blog is a good place to vent. And, when stories pop up that makes me cringe I pop over to the blog and share my thoughts. Maybe someday I will be better at doing this thing more regularly.

I saw a story today that really bothered me. It’s a story of not one, but two, yes TWO, basketball teams trying to lose a game. When the hell did we start trying to lose? The problem is trying to find an easier road. If you lose a certain game you can get a better postseason bracket than if you win it. One that you feel is “easier”. While I don’t think I have seen the effort to try to lose in person I have seen the effort to make the road easier to get to a state tournament.  Continue reading

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Basketball at Devaney is now a memory


Proor to Wynot vs Spalding/Spalding Academy for Nebraska Class D2 state championship on March 9, 2013.

For years the Bob Devaney Sports Center has been synonymous with University of Nebraska basketball. While the facility lacked successful home teams in many of those years it is still the house of many memories. For players, coaches and fans of the Cornhuskers the facility has been home sweet home. For high schools across the state it has been the goal at the beginning of the season. Continue reading

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Bracket Projection: Nebraska C1 Girls State Basketball

The district finals are nearly set with one sub-district between Concordia and Fort Calhoun to finish. I decided to try and project a bracket for the C1 State Tournament. Chadron appears to have locked in the No. 1 seed in the tournament, regardless of the district final outcome. A loss would still keep the Lady Cardinals 0.25 points ahead of No. 2 Sandy Creek. With that said, the Lady Cardinals will play the winner of the C1-3 district which could be Arlington (11-10), Concordia (16-4) or Fort Calhoun (7-12).  Continue reading

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