Kevan Hueftle chasing dream of running for Team USA

kevan hueftleSometimes in life some of the things we love the most change our lives forever. It can be for better or for worse, depending how you react to the situation. A high school classmate of mine from Eustis-Farnam’s class of 2004, Kevan Hueftle, has taken a tough situation and is now working to inspire others and perhaps compete for Team USA in the Paralympics.

I had the chance to chat with Kevan on my radio show last week about his journey from where it started to where he is now.

Knowing Kevan personally, I think this is absolutely incredible and I hope someday we see him wearing the colors of Team USA and to have the success he is looking for. If you know the name, you know how competitive he is. If you don’t know the name, get to know it because he won’t quit until he reaches the success he’s looking for.

(NOTE: During the interview we lost connection, but we were able to establish it again to finish the interview so stick with it!)

I thank Kevan for taking time to join me and I hope we can continue to share updates of his journey along the way.

Good Luck, man!

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