It was just one of those days

wrong socksIt was just one of those days.

You know, the kind of day where it seems like you can’t remember anything? Ok, it doesn’t seem that way, you really can’t remember anything.

We traveled to Denver for a USD women’s basketball game. We arrived on Thursday with the game set for Friday night. Friday morning as I get up for the day I noticed I forgot to pack white t-shirts to wear under my dress shirt. No big deal. I can find a store close and pick some up. I needed new ones anyway and, let’s be honest, you can’t have enough white T’s.

I found a Target which, according to the Maps app on my iPhone, was about 0.7 miles away. With plenty of time to kill in the morning I began the trek. Naturally, not all of the sidewalks were cleared off so it was through snow, ice and some dry spots, where the sun had been beaming down. After about 15 minutes I found the Super Target. It was attached to a Sports Authority so I decided to take a look in there. Broncos gear everywhere. I mean, we are two days from the Super Bowl and in Denver, what did you really expect right?

After a few minutes in the store I made my way to Target where I found the shirts I needed. I grabbed a couple of other things and made my way back to the hotel. Later in the day I began getting ready for the game. It was about 4:40pm, with scheduled departure at 5:20pm when I realized I also didn’t bring any dress socks. No chance to make it to the store so I was left to decide between regular white low cut socks or no socks at all. I’m not much of a no sock guy so we brave it out with the white socks. I sit under a table, how many people were going to care anyway, right?

As we arrive at Magness Arena, home of the Denver Pioneers, I realized I left my stats sheets at the hotel. Well, there goes all of my preparation. Fortunately, the SID at Denver was nice enough to print them off for me and I could use them. They weren’t in color….I like colors…but at that point I would take anything.

The good news is the girls won the game, 79-33. So, despite all of my troubles and inability to remember things, the night ended on a good note.

Usually when I forget something on one of these trips it’s a belt. And you can make do without that, but it just didn’t feel right to not have the socks. Here’s to hoping I can find some socks in Omaha before tomorrow night’s game.

And let this be a reminder that even though it seems like sometimes you can’t remember anything or it’s just not your day…..things are going to be just fine!

Wearing the white low-cut socks is the latest addition to #JohnnySwag. What is Johnny Swag? It’s my fashion fails that most people wouldn’t attempt.

Current #JohnnySwag list:

  1. Wearing sweatpants with a dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. Hey, sometimes you have to change the pants quick after a road game and catch the bus. The shirts can be changed later.
  2. Low-cut white socks instead of dress socks.

That’s #JohnnySwag!

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