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Normally, I would tell you I hate the bat flip. It’s arrogant and disrespectful. It shows up the pitcher. It makes you look like an idiot. But, yesterday….yesterday I absolutely loved it.

If the Blue Jays and Rangers were simply playing in a regular season game I would have been disgusted with the way Jose Bautista carried himself. But it wasn’t just a regular game. It was a playoff series-clinching win for the Blue Jays with so much more involved in the game. And the moment of that home run is something we just don’t get every day

Prior to that half inning it didn’t feel like much was going in favor of the Blue Jays. They just had a controversial call allow the Rangers to take the lead. And Jeff Banister, Rangers manager, spent a lot of time on the field to the displeasure of the fans in Toronto. For the record, the ruling was correct because the batter has a right to the batters box and in no way did he try to interfere with the throw. My only problem with the play was home plate umpire Dale Scott waving the play dead and a run being allowed to score. I equate it to an inadvertent whistle or an umpire calling “foul” before a ball somehow ending up fair. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. I was asked if I thought the runner would have scored if the umpire did not request time. I agree he would have, but time was still called. However, at the end of the day they got it right and we can all appreciate that. And, the real problem with the situation was Russell Martin got lazy. It was a lazy throw and nothing less.

All of the sudden in the bottom of the inning things were going the way of the Blue Jays. The Rangers could not find an out and should have been out of the inning. Error after error and before they knew it it was a 3-3 tie and two were aboard for Bautista. Sam Dyson left one in the sweet spot and Bautista punished it. Then….the Bat Flip Heard ‘Round the World.

The magnitude of the situation was incredible. The place erupted. You’re at home. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. It’s a statement!

There was mixed reaction on Twitter. Some saying Bautista would wear one between the eyes if he came up again. Those are the same people saying a bat flip is disrespecting the game. And they are the same people saying Bautista should be a better role model.

With all of that said, if he does it against the Royals I am going to be ticked off.

For now, I love it. Enjoy it again and again……

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