WBB: Do you follow bracketology?

SD PawPrint_2C_whiteThere is usually a large following for men’s basketball bracketology as the season gets closer to the end. And I think women’s basketball following is certainly growing. How early do you start watching the bracket predictions? Do the predictions matter to you at all? Obviously none of the predictions mean that is what will happen at the end of the season or have any bearing on the selection committee decisions, but it’s still fun to follow. Especially if you have a horse in the race.

Brecketologists pretty much look at how teams are currently doing and then decide who is better of their seed groupings and start to put the bracket together. For most mid-major conferences they look at who the current team is at the top of the standings and put them into the projection. That is how we find South Dakota in the women’s basketball bracketology. 

The Coyote women are on top of the Summit League standings with a 4-1 mark. This qualifies them for the bracket. ESPNW’s Charlie Creme has been updating his bracket every couple of weeks and today issued one that listed South Dakota as a 14-seed playing Arizona State (No. 3) in Tempe. The other two teams at the first/second round location are Georgia (No. 6) and Syracuse (No. 11).

Before I get blasted for this, let me make it clear that I know there are a lot of games to be played. I always enjoy following this stuff and tracking it throughout the season. If I had to guess, given the current bracket projection, I would say a No. 14 is a logical landing spot for South Dakota if they are able to qualify for the tournament for the second straight season. It would obviously be an improvement from last season. I think it will be tough for them to gain enough respect to get a 13 and unless they struggle in league play they shouldn’t fall to a 15.

If you don’t follow women’s basketball too closely you may not know there are no longer predetermined sites for the first and second round. The Regionals this year are Greensboro, Albany, Oklahoma City and Spokane. The first and second round locations will be based on highest seeds. And higher seeded teams will, for the most part, host the first and second round games.

I think the format of doing it this way is great for women’s basketball and I look forward to seeing how it all works out.

At the end of the day there is still a lot of hoops to be played, but if you have a favorite team keep an eye on bracketologists and follow the the up and down movement.

To view today’s updated women’s bracket, click here.

Another thing worth following is the CollegeInsider.com Mid-Major Top 25. Still waiting for USD to crack that list. It comes out tomorrow so maybe this is the week….

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