30 Thoughts ‘On the John’ – USD WBB, Bo Pelini and more

thayersthoughtsIt’s been a crazy last couple of days with Bo Pelini being introduced as the new head coach at Youngstown State and an audio tape being leaked by some coward that has gained attention everywhere. The South Dakota women’s basketball team has two games remaining on its five-game home stand. The Coyotes have been off from games for over a week during finals.

Here are some thoughts on everything.

1. Whether or not you are ok with the Bo Pelini audio being released and the content you have to admit it’s a pretty cowardly thing to do. 2. Someone, knowing how emotional Pelini is, saw a chance to make some money and they took advantage. 3. It’s fitting the audio had to be made public on the day Pelini was introduced as the 7th head coach at Youngstown State. 4. Many people don’t care for Pelini and this was a chance to hide but still take one final jab at the coach. 5. Pelini has a chance to make an impact right away at YSU. 6. The Penguins are already built into a playoff team and they would have made it this year if they didn’t collapse in the end. 7. Pelini is entering the best FCS conference in the country in the Missouri Valley Football Conference that has two teams playing in the semifinals this weekend. 8. Pelini will fit in well with an FCS program where he can focus more on coaching and less on media pressure.

9. South Dakota women are back on the floor tonight for a game when they host University of St. Mary. 10. The Coyotes have won five straight and hope this game serves as a tune-up before they host North Dakota on Sunday. 11. USD is receiving 27 votes in the latest CollegeInsider.com mid-major Top 25 poll. 12. North Dakota is one spot outside of the poll. 13. USD will play two teams currently in the mid-major Top 10 this season – Dec. 29 against No. 4 Chattanooga in San Antonio and No. 10 South Dakota State twice during the league season. 14. The Coyotes are 7-2 and are off to their best start under Amy Williams, who is in her third season.

15. I’m cheering for Todd Hoffner and Minnesota State in the D2 Football Championship on Saturday. He has been through a lot the last couple of years and to have a team walk out on him this spring only to bring them together and earn a spot in the title game is something special. 16. I interviewed Coach Hoffner on my radio show ‘On the John’ yesterday about the big game and his team. 17. The game kicks off at 3pm Saturday against CSU-Pueblo at Sporting Park in Kansas City, KS.

18. While I sat here and wrote this I listened to the audio that was released of Bo Pelini. 19. It isn’t nearly as bad as what I anticipated. In fact, it was not even close. 20. It’s really a guy being honest with his players and then the media blowing it up as something much bigger. 21. The audio has some shots at media for what has been written about the program and that is motive enough for someone to publish it and return the jab. 22. I would encourage you to listen to the audio and make your own judgment before we continue to listen to the Bo Pelini critics and get a different idea of what the content actually is. 23. You can listen to it here, courtesy of the Omaha World Herald.

24. I finally finished watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I had previously watched the first seven seasons but over the last month have watched the final two. 25. I have concluded that I am Ted. They say we will one day find “the one” and he did after chasing the one that he couldn’t have. 26. It’s funny how we can relate so well to movies or music or whatever else. Sometimes you feel like you watch a movie or show to see what could be your path. 27. Don’t look now, but Christmas is a week away. Holy crap I better get some shopping done. 28. My sister celebrated one year of having her nail shop open in Cozad, Neb. If you are ever passing through there and need the service look up Tip-Toe Nail Salon. She will take care of you. 29. It finally snowed a decent snow in the area. I am a winter guy. I hate the wind but I love the cooler weather and I don’t mind the snow. The ice, on the other hand, not cool. 30. I end every radio show with “Win today before you worry about tomorrow”. Sometimes we get so caught up in future results or potential outcomes that we fail to see what is right in front of us. Enjoy everything while it is right in front of you and while you can. There will be a day when it leaves your life or you no longer have it and you should assure yourself you did everything to enjoy it while you could.

That’s it for today. I will ramble again sometime soon.

P.S. – Now that HIMYM is over, what is a show I should getting addicted to on Netflix?

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