The trip that was….#Timbelievable

The South Dakota women's basketball team the night before the season opener at Drake.

The South Dakota women’s basketball team the night before the season opener at Drake.

One of the best things about traveling with the USD women’s basketball team is the chance to travel. It can also be one of the worst things if everything doesn’t go as planned. As you may recall we had some bus troubles and were delayed leaving Des Moines Saturday morning. And by delay, I mean by 4 1/2 hours. Right before we were going to leave on Saturday we found out the bus needed new batteries. Well long story short, there was an issue that was more than just changing the batteries.

While the bus is being tended to for an issue that “will only take about 20 minutes to fix”

South Dakota women's basketball team and coaches gather around a hotel tv to prepare for Kansas.

South Dakota women’s basketball team and coaches gather around a hotel tv to prepare for Kansas.

the team went back into their rooms and kill time. Some got some extra sleep. Sometimes when you are bored you just do anything to pass time. I decided to start tweeting with the hashtag #Timbelievable. Yes, it has everything to do with our bus driver being named Tim. If you care to relive our “Timbelievable” moments click here. We ended up getting a new bus so the trip could continue to Lawrence, Kan. While we waited for the new bus the girls started a film session in the lobby of the hotel. Sometimes in the book of “Life on the road” you have to make adjustments to your plans and this was one way to use time wisely. Once the session was over we loaded the new bus and hit the road. But first….a stop at Chik-fil-A. This may have been the best thing about the change of plans!

By the time we got on the road the snow had started to fall in Des Moines. We were hoping to miss this part of the journey, but, again, sometimes things happen. We ended up stopped on the interstate for what appeared to be an accident  but we were far enough away we couldn’t see how bad it was. All I know is it had two lanes of traffic stopped on the interstate. The bus driver, knowing his way around, turned into the northbound lanes and took us on a little detour. On that drive we passed by another accident that involved an ambulance. We finally got back on the interstate and headed South.

First look inside Allen Fieldhouse.

First look inside Allen Fieldhouse.

We finally arrived in Lawrence around 6:00pm and checked into the hotel. Being pressed for time we had time to throw bags into rooms and it was back on the bus to head to Allen Fieldhouse for practice, which was supposed to start at 6:00pm. The girls got a good practice in before team dinner Saturday night.

Another nice thing about the chance to travel is I get the chance to reconnect with some friends I don’t see very often. One of those friends is Jordan Bass, who is now Assistant Professor in Sport Management at KU. We had the chance to grab dinner and catch up. We’ve stayed in touch, but sometimes the chance to catch up with people in person is appreciated.

Sunday was game day against the Jayhawks. The team came out and struggled shooting in the first half, but only trailed by one, 33-32 at the half. The second half saw South Dakota and Kansas play back and forth until the end. In all the game had 17 ties and 11 lead changes before Kansas held on for a 68-60 win.

The Coyotes opening weekend resulted in a 1-1 start to the season. In both games they did some nice things. This team has a chance to do some very nice things this season. We are returning home late Sunday night and will be back on the road Tuesday morning to Sioux Falls to catch a flight to Portland, Ore. The Coyotes will play Portland State Wednesday night before traveling to Seattle for a game against Washington on Thursday. It’s a short turnaround but a fast start to the season. Both games will be available on the Coyote Sports Network from Learfield Sports and locally on Classic Hits 106.3 KVHT Vermillion/Yankton. The games are also available around the world at

Hope you can join us for the west coast swing.

To sum up the first trip of the season it was 4 days + 3 nights + 3 buses + 4 bus drivers + 2 games + 1 victory and it all equals one #Timbelievable weekend.

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