Chiefs need QB, is the draft the answer?

DraftIt’s no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs need to address the quarterback position. Matt Cassel will be run out of town at the first opportunity when the season is over. Brady Quinn has had an opportunity to prove himself and it hasn’t happened. With the NFL season coming to an end the focus will turn to the draft. Kansas City will be sitting at the top of the draft, where they have not drafted well in the Scott Pioli era. So, who’s available?

The two biggest names are obviously Geno Smith (West Virginia) and Matt Barkley (USC), but are these guys worth one of the top picks in the draft? The Chiefs need enough help at enough positions that this may not be the best idea. So what should the Chiefs do?

Trade for a quarterback currently on an NFL roster.

There are quarterbacks available. Some you can name your franchise guy and some will give you a decent couple of years to help get a younger quarterback ready to take over. The Chiefs have Dwayne Bowe, who wants out of Kansas City. This is excellent trade bait for Kansas City to do something wise.

Who is available?


Vick still has the ability to be a playmaker, but his time in Philadelphia appears to be over.

1. Michael Vick (Eagles) – One of the most dynamic players in the National Football League, Vick would instantly make the Chiefs a better team. If he becomes a free agent the Chiefs could make a nice offer to him with salary cap room. If the Eagles want something for him then Dwayne Bowe could become of the offer. The Eagles have Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson so you wonder if there is room for Bowe, but with issues in the past with Jackson it could be a good time to part ways. Vick isn’t going to throw the ball 40-50 times a game so the Chiefs mediocre wide receivers could fit. Combining him with Jamaal Charles would take some pressure off the passing game. The question then becomes whether or not Vick can stay healthy. If he doesn’t the Chiefs are back to square one. If he does, the Chiefs can compete.

With Colin Kaepernick emerging as the starter in San Francisco Smith will be looking for a new home.

2. Alex Smith (49ers) – Smith has proven he can lead a team and appears to be getting better as a quarterback. Since 2009 he has completed at least 59.6% of his passes each year. He will be 29 next season so still should have a few years to play. If the 49ers cut Smith and the Chiefs can get him in Kansas City it could be some leverage to keep Dwayne Bowe, who has been upset because of the lack of quarterback and revolving door at head coach in his time in Kansas City. Smith may not be the long term answer, but is anyone in Kansas City worried about the long term right now?

flynn3. Matt Flynn (Seahawks) – After figuring to be the starter in Seattle this season Flynn found himself as the backup to rookie Russell Wilson. Flynn has been regarded as a viable starter in the National Football League. The best chance for this scenario to work out would be a Dwayne Bowe trade. The Seahawks have some decent wide receivers, but, outside of Sidney Rice, they don’t have anyone close to a No. 1 wide receiver right now. Bowe would improve this offense and Seattle becomes a Super Bowl contender.

cousins4. Kirk Cousins (Redskins) – There is no doubt the Redskins could use help at wide receiver. While he is still an unknown, Cousins is the guy you gamble on as a quarterback of the future. He showed, in minimal time filling in for an injured RG3, he is capable of making big plays. He simply hasn’t seen the field enough to develop. Acquiring Cousins would be similar to taking a chance on Smith and Barkley in the draft. The difference is you get rid of a player who no longer wants to be on your roster and allows the use of a top draft pick at another position.

What would the Chiefs do without Bowe?
boweThe worst thing about a player who doesn’t want to be with a team anymore is you wonder about their effort. If the Chiefs try to keep Bowe he will hold out for a contract the Chiefs do not want to give him as they try to rebuild. While the Chiefs could use Bowe, it doesn’t make sense for them to keep a player that could be of value in the rebuilding process. In addition to that, the Seahawks and Redskins have shown us it isn’t necessary to have a big name wide receiver.

Why not just draft a franchise quarterback?

If this was the 2012 draft, this would be a different story. The quarterbacks in this draft don’t appear as promising. The Chiefs need to upgrade many positions. By addressing the quarterback situation this way the Chiefs will keep one of the top picks to use on another position of need and not only a player who can play right away, but one that will make an impact right away.

Who should the Chiefs draft?
It’s no secret the Chiefs need help at quarterback, offensive line, defensive line and defensive secondary. Defensive end Star Lotulelei out of Utah would help this defense in a big way. The Chiefs need to part ways with Glenn Dorsey, who is a free agent this year. Yes, the Chiefs have addressed this position in previous drafts, but the Chiefs stretched and missed on this position. Another player the Chiefs have to consider is OT Luke Joeckel. He is a starter right away in the league and putting him at LT could mean a move for Brandon Albert. Or if Albert remains on the left side, where he is having his best season, Joeckel can be the centerpiece on the right side. A third player that could be considered, but may be a big of a reach is CB DeMarcus Milliner, who is the highest rated player at his position and would be an immediate starter opposite Brandon Flowers.

A lot of things have to be worked out over the next few months, but if the Chiefs can address the quarterback position without doing so in the draft they could improve this team much quicker, ultimately getting multiple players that can be an improvement right away. There are plenty of quarterbacks in the draft class, but not many appear to be the flashy starter. Perhaps a project quarterback could be found in the later rounds.

Speculation will build leading up to the draft, but one thing that is for certain is the Chiefs have multiple needs and need to find the best way to fill them.

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