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Apparently I took a hiatus from this blog. I don’t know if many people read it. I do know a few posts have received an unbelievable number of responses, views, etc. I can’t thank the people who read this regularly, occasionally or rarely enough. This thing was started as a simple place to share thoughts or sometimes I find it easier to deal with things by writing about it. I have not received many views the past few months and I shouldn’t have because apparently I took a break from blogging. So why the break?

The break was unplanned and a short time before my last post I was frequently updating on different things. It was basically a break that happened because of life. So here is an update:

In the spring I was contacted about a job opening. I didn’t apply for it. I decided that if someone contacts you it is worth a listen. So I did. After conversations with this potential employer I didn’t feel it was a fit and was content with staying in Chadron, where I felt like I had unfinished business. I was asked to make a trip to the new place and at least check it out and I did. Things clicked. I learned more about the opportunity I would have and realized it was the next step in the dream I began chasing many years ago. The nice thing about the new place was it would give me the opportunity to have a Sports Talk show, something I haven’t done since college. After much thought I decided it was the move that I was supposed to take and life turned to a new direction.

Leaving behind Chadron was not easy….not in the slightest. I will explain more at a later blog.

I moved to Yankton, SD in July and began work for 5 Star Communications as the Sports Director for Classic Hits 106.3 and ESPN Radio 1570. The job allows me to focus on sports, do a sports talk show, cover a DI university (USD) and do play-by-play of high school sports, among other things. It has been an exciting last few months and each day I realize the move was the right one for me.

There will come a time when you have to make a decision about moving or something big in your life that you will have to decide on. The only advice I have is to look at the big picture. Through the scope I thought staying in Chadron was the best thing for me. In the big picture this move appears and feels like the right one.

It’s a challenging job, but what dream chasing job isn’t?

I’ve also joined the station team for the YankTON challenge. We are working hard to drop some pounds and get in shape. It has definitely been disheartening at times and tough, but you just gotta get your mind right and get after it. It’s the first step to completing a Triathlon that I still think I will attempt very soon. (Stay tuned for that).

So life has changed and it drove me away from the blogging world, but I will work to get back to updating this thing with thoughts on sports and life…….because that is my life.

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