Life is crazy

Life is crazy. It gives you crazy challenges and then makes everything okay. Then before you know it the good is gone and you are back to the way things were, but there still is good. Is that confusing? It has to be one of the most confusing things that make sense. But that’s life. If we could figure it all out then it wouldn’t be any fun.

There comes a time in life where you start to question your purpose. Nearly everyone has found this stage in their life at least once. You walk down streets that are filled with traffic, yet seem so empty. Music rings in your ears. Some of it depressing, but it speaks right to the heart. And you continue this routine, over and over. It’s your daily life.

There comes a day where things change. You no longer need the music. You start to see the cars, the trees, the beauty of the land, etc. And it is all because of one simple change. Something that we all set out on this Earth to find is now in your life. It’s the same thing that you have thought about over and over and wondered if it exists. You enjoy life again. It’s the point where you have a purpose and you wake up for a reason. A reason that is more than just the job that pays the bills.

But then life happens again and everything changes. The joy in your life is taken away and you crash. Like a helicopter that has lost its rear propeller you twist and turn as you fall to the ground and crumble on contact. At that moment it seems like nothing exists. The trees lose their leaves, flowers lose color the streets are empty again. You begin to question your purpose and wonder why it has to be this way, again. You can’t help but wonder where you went wrong. How did you screw things up? All the while you know it is out of your control. You didn’t do anything wrong, but sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.

The more time we spend asking ourselves why and wondering what went wrong, the more time we lose on other things in our lives. It’s time to regroup. It’s time to refocus. Set some goals and continue to be who you always have been. The joy will return. And even though you want it to it may not be the same one, but another joy. That’s how life works. Things are taken away so you learn not to take things for granted. You have to know that the things you have today may not be there tomorrow. So go forward. Continue on with life. It’s your path and with guidance you will walk down it proudly and eventually that joy you once had and now long for will be with you…..forever.

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