Using surroundings as entertainment

You sit looking straight ahead as the pavement continues to disappear before you, mile-by-mile. Looking out the window there are open plains in every direction, only passing by the occasional feed lots and farms. The brown colored grass and weeds blend in with the turned up dirt in the fields. The occasional green tree  and road sign are all that give color to the land. The rolling hills make up the view as far as you can see. There isn’t much to look at for entertainment.

Straight ahead of you a man in his mid-20s is reading a book. He is distracted from time to time in conversation with the gentlemen to his left across the entryway. To your left an older gentleman is reading the newspaper. He’s stuck in the sports section going through the box scores from the previous days action.

As you sit near the entry you can see everything. Many are tuned in to mp3 players or ipods of some sort. Some sport the ear buds, while others have their ears overtaken by massive headphones. Not far behind one girl is using the shoulder of another to get a nap in. Others use a headrest to get as comfortable as possible. It’s either take a nap because you need the rest or take a nap to get to the destination quicker.

It’s a cold day with temperatures in the teens. Glad the heater works. The driver is an investigator with the Nebraska State Patrol. Don’t plan on getting to the destination any quicker than the speed limit allows. The sun peeks through the wispy clouds. Most of the windows have the shade pulled down. As the sun lights up the world around you it is hard not to notice the beauty of the land. Even in the winter, where color comes at a premium, you can see what the open land has to offer.

The tractor-trailer ahead slows down the trip as it fights to make it up the hill. As you reach the summit the driver pulls into the oncoming lane and slides past the semi. Now it’s the open road and back to full speed.

Music rings through the eardrums to pass the time. A twitter conversation with someone five rows back helps to entertain. If it wasn’t for the internet connection through the phone this would definitely be a boring trip. Use any possible option for entertainment because after all, you are on a bus in Western Nebraska.

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