Success, Love, Happiness….

We live life in search of many things, but when it is all said and done there are only three things we truly want to find: Success, Love, Happiness.

1. SUCCESS – We all set out to be successful beings. You define your own success. Some people search for professional success, while others are content with private success.

  • Those in search of professional success can live years of long, grueling years trying to make it to the top. The road to the top isn’t easy and not everyone can make it. To find said success you can give up relationships and friendships. You leave friends that have become important to you. Some you have known for years and others maybe for a few months. Nonetheless, it is never easy. And sometimes it goes beyond friendships. You leave a relationship or a potential relationship all in search of a dream.
  • For those in search of private success it can be attained much quicker and without the loss of friendships and relationships. Private success can be a wide range of accomplishments. From being a successful love to being the parent you always dreamed of. Success is accomplished many different ways and many different levels. It’s up to you to decide what your success will be and how you will reach it.

2. LOVE – It is the search for someone you can share your life with. The person who will be your best friend. The one that makes you smile every day. The search is not easy. It is painful. Sometimes you find the person you can talk to. The one you constantly laugh with. But there are the hangups. Perhaps that person has someone already in their life and you can’t pursue farther. We all find the person that we try to make something work with and then there is that moment when you realize there isn’t mutual interest. There is the moment when you realize your long relationship is not something that can work any longer. You don’t want to leave it, you don’t want to start over, but you know it is the best thing for you. While it can be a long process it is worth it in the end. There is someone for everyone, but it takes time. And time is painful. When you look for love you may find the wrong thing. Love will present itself when the time is right. When you are ready it will happen.

3. HAPPINESS – Happiness can be found many ways. You can be happy in your successful accomplishments. You can be happy because of the love that you find in life. Happiness is completing tasks in life. When you find happiness it will spill over to your peers and acquaintances. Don’t let the world bring you down. Be happy and lift up the world around you.

Sometimes finding all three of the above can be difficult. Perhaps you have one or two but are still searching for the remaining. Give it time. When you find all three you have found the life that everyone sets out for. You go from searching for success, love and happiness to finding ways to maintain it for yourself and the people in your life.

Success, love and happiness….not easily attained, but well worth the search and wait.

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