The Tebow has risen…

It's "Tebow Time" in Denver. John Fox elected to answer the fans chants and play Tebow on Sunday, will it continue after the bye week?

Week 5 of the NFL season gave us a lot to talk about. The 49ers gave an absolute beating to the Tampa Bay Bucs, Eli Manning and Matt Schaub both threw for over 400 yards, the Raiders held of the Texans a day after owner Al Davis passed away, the Eagles, previously known as the Dream Team, fell to 1-4 on the season and so much more. Fans in the mile high city left the stadium happy despite a loss to division rival San Diego. Why were they happy after a loss? Tim Tebow was inserted in to run the offense in the second half. After a struggling Kyle Orton couldn’t get things going in the first half it was time for a change. A change that Denver fans have been asking for since the lockout was lifted. 

With Tim Tebow inserted into the lineup on Sunday Kyle Orton is left wondering about his future with the Broncos

Orton is just 6-21 in his last 27 starts for the Broncos. That alone is reason enough for Bronco fans to be chanting for change. The fans seemed to hardly care the team lost in the end. They saw a 16-point deficit nearly erased and it was all with Tebow under center. It didn’t matter that he completed just four of his 10 pass attempts. It didn’t matter that he missed a wide open Eric Decker. All that mattered was Tebow ran for a touchdown and dumped a short pass off to Knowshon Moreno that went that distance.

When you look at Tebow’s performance as a quarterback it wasn’t that good. To say it was mediocre is being extra positive. But what you can’t deny is that Tebow entered with energy. He changed the atmosphere inside Sports Authority Field at Mile High. He brought life and hope to the fans inside the stadium and those glued to a TV.

As the Broncos go into a bye week the big question will be who will emerge as the starter when the team arrives in Miami in Week 7. If John Fox does decide to stick with Tebow don’t expect Orton to remain on the team. If Tebow becomes the full time starter it will be a sign of change. A sign of moving forward. The reins may be handed to Tebow and Brady Quinn becomes the backup. The Broncos will be building for the future.

If Tebow is indeed the starter for the remainder of the season be ready for the bumps and bruises. He has been inaccurate passing the football. He looked nervous and lost in the pocket. Credit some of this to the lack of experience. Perhaps two weeks of practice can fix it. Just remember Bronco fans, you asked for it and now you are going to get it. The question now becomes whether or not you will remain optimistic during the rocky road that you are about to see.

Tim Tebow (left) and Kyle Orton (right) are back in the middle of a quarterback controversy. Not much is being said about Brady Quinn (middle), could he benefit from the John Fox decision?

Before the season started there were a lot of rumors talking about Orton being traded to the Miami Dolphins. With the loss of Chad Henne for the season the team is now with Matt Moore as it’s starting quarterback. The Dolphins are looking for a quarterback of the future. While Orton doesn’t fit the bill perhaps he could bridge the gap before the Dolphins find their guy. Or if the Broncos decide Tebow is the future perhaps they would be willing to deal Quinn, who is still looking for his chance. Quinn has played in 14 career NFL games and has completed 52 percent of his passes. He is yet to start for a full season. He, like Tebow, remains to be an unproven quarterback at this level.

A lot of things could play out in the next two weeks, but one thing is for certain – It would be an awkward scene if Tim Tebow was starting against Kyle Orton in Week 7 at Sun Life Stadium.

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