Facebook: It’s evil

When Facebook began it was for a select few college students. Then it opened to all college students. And finally, it became available to anyone who could use a computer or knew someone who could use a computer for them. The idea in the beginning is that people could stay in touch with one another or reconnect with people you have lost contact for. This “thing” blew up and has become something phenomenal. This phenom has changed our society. It has changed people. And the change isn’t for the better.

It wasn’t long ago that you could assume many people were humble. You knew who was nosy. You didn’t care about everything going on in someone else’s life, mostly because you didn’t know. They kept their petty issues to themselves. Remember when you winked at someone in passing or talked to them if you wanted to flirt? How about the days of someone telling you “Happy Birthday” because they remembered and genuinely cared? There once was a time where we had conversations in person, rather than hidden behind a computer screen. If you had a problem with someone you talked to them about it and the two of you resolved the issue in some way.

All of this has changed. Facebook has turned us into people that society once didn’t care for. Facebook is a platform for all to gloat. Instead of telling your friends you got a new job, you can tell your “friends” on Facebook just to get a feeling that a lot of people care. Some have become nosy and they didn’t even mean to. When others post everything about themselves on facebook we have learned to investigate and find out more. And only because the constant updates suck you into a web and make you interested in something you normally wouldn’t be. Over 100 people say happy birthday, 15 probably would have if a notice on Facebook didn’t tell them they should.

Facebook is a platform to say whatever you want. No matter what it is. No matter the consequences. It’s a way to say something with the intent for a certain person or persons to read, especially if it is something hurtful. It is generally something that you wouldn’t say to another’s face, but you can say it hidden behind a computer. We have developed into softer people. If you are having a tough day you no longer need your best friend there to pick you up. Just post something in your status that you “wouldn’t be missed anyway” or that something is potentially wrong and within an hour (and likely sooner) someone will be there to comment and make sure you know they care. But they won’t call to make it genuine, it will simply be a comment that they leave quickly and move on.  Facebook is full of people pretending like they care. A change in your relationship status will get you attention from people you rarely talk to. Don’t believe it? Test it. Change your relationship status so nothing is on it. Then after a couple months change it to ‘single’. Although you have been single the entire time you will get comments from people that will tell you everything is okay. They will tell you the other person doesn’t know what they are missing. They will say anything to try and “comfort” you.

Watch the next time one of your female “friends” ties the not. How many people will post the same overused message, “you were a beautiful bride”. Isn’t that like saying ‘you were beautiful on that day because it was your day and now you are back to your ugly old self’? Some of the people who do send congratulations do it for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they don’t want to be the one not to say it or they want it in return when the time is right or even worse, they feel like they are supposed to.

Facebook was intended to be something of value. People could reconnect or stay in touch. While it is of value in terms of dollars, it has lost it’s original value. It is a way to do research, stalk, confront others without looking in their eyes, compliment them without a genuine feeling and too many times statuses are posted just to try and get others to ask about it….the list goes on and on.

Facebook has taken the grammar we learned for so many years and tossed it out the window. You can misspell words or make three sentences into one. It’s not a big deal, it’s Facebook.

The next time you decide to air your dirty laundry by using Facebook, ask yourself if anyone really cares. Ask yourself if the situation will be better if you post the drama on Facebook. Think twice before you push “Share”. Is the status or comment going to be embarrassing to you or your family?

Facebook can be a useful tool to all, but this evil platform has changed our society.

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