Courageous: A must see

By now you have probably heard of the movie Courageous, perhaps you haven’t. I heard about this movie a few months ago and have anticipated it hitting theaters. On Sept. 30, it did. Some people will be turned off by its religious appeal. Some might think its “just another one of those movies”. Keep reading and without spoiling the movie I am going to attempt to get you to understand why this is a must see for not only every guy in America, but women as well. 

If you haven’t ridden a roller coaster in your lifetime then you at least know what one is. This movie is going to take you on the emotional roller coaster ride of a lifetime. Just when you think you are going to settle on an emotion the movie shifts gears and you are in for a change.

Courageous is a movie that grabs a hold of your heart immediately and it doesn’t let go. It will take you through suspense, and I am talking edge of the seat suspense. Just when your heart is racing faster than the final lap of the Indianapolis 500 you will relax into a laugh. Then it’s time to focus because one of the important lessons in the movie is about to be taught. You will find a scene that you can relate to. You may think, “I’ve been there before”. Just after the movie shows you the importance of following your faith it takes you down the sad emotion. You will cry. And if you don’t cry, you will be as close as you possibly can. This won’t be an “eyes fill with water” kind of cry, it is a cry that will make you sob. Before you know it you are laughing again, and not just any laugh….a gut busting laugh. Then you find yourself back to tears before the movie teaches you another important life lesson. You will be shocked and learn something else. Then you might get kicked into realization mode before you sit back and smile. Just when you need it the movie provides with an uplifting moment and then crashes back on your sad emotion before tears of happiness trickle down your check, then more tears. You go from tears to smiles and learn another lesson then it’s back to laughing before the movie reaches out and grabs you. It will pull you right into the web and teach you something else. Before you know it your eyes water again and moments later you will chuckle. You will learn about integrity before you are taken back in a “wow” moment. Then laugh again and enjoy a happy moment before the movie gets tough again. You might find more tears, this time of happiness and then you are pulled back into the web and it takes you back to a message early in the movie. Then more suspense, it is an all out action. You will grab a hold of the person next to you or the chair you are sitting in. For a moment time will stand still. Then you are back to laughter and before the movie ends you are back to realizing something about yourself.

That’s what you can expect from this movie. If you watch it with others you will notice the change from laughs to sniffles, back to laughs before the tissues come out again. It is a wild ride, but one you should take. If you are turned off by religion you will only like this if you can enter it with an open mind. There are times in the movie where religion is forced. You will notice these parts. But there are also times when religion is subtle and you can say, “that was me”.

If you are a father who has wondered if you are being a good father, you should see this. If you are a young man who someday would like to have children and you fear you will be a bad father, watch this movie. If you are a young man that wants to have children someday but you think you have fatherhood figured out, watch Courageous. If you are a father but aren’t involved in your child’s life, go watch this movie. If you are a brother who has ever had a sister that you took for granted, go see this movie. If you are a son who blames your misfortunes on your parents relationship, this movie is for you. If you are an uncle that can’t always see your nieces and/or nephews, go watch this movie. If you are a husband who hasn’t always given support to your wife, you need to see this movie. If you are a guy, you need to see this movie.

This movie isn’t just for guys. Women can learn just as much. If you are a mother who has wondered if you are doing everything you can for your children, watch Courageous. If you are a young woman who dreams of having a family and being a good mother, this movie is for you. If you are a single mother who has ever lost hope, please see this movie. If you are a sister who has taken a brother for granted, watch this movie. If you

If you are a friend, male or female, you need to watch this movie. If you think you hold your friends to accountability, go see this movie. If you are looking for what it takes to be a great friend, take the time to watch this movie. If you have ever made excuses or put blame on someone else, including God, see this movie. are an aunt who has not taken the time to spend with nieces and nephews, this movie has a message for you. If you are a daughter who has ever yelled at your mother or father for something that “wasn’t fair”, you will be touched by this movie. If you are a stay at home mother that relies on your husband’s income, you will learn the importance of support from watching this movie. If you are a woman, you will learn something from this movie.

Courageous can teach you a lot, but you have to give it a fair shot. Go in with an open mind and listen to everything that is happening. While I believe everyone should see this movie, you have to wait for the time to be right for you. If you aren’t ready to admit wrongdoing, don’t go see it. If you aren’t ready to look at yourself and find flaws as a husband, son, brother, uncle, father, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, mother or friend…don’t go watch it. You have to be ready to accept that maybe you aren’t doing everything right and you can change.

If you are looking for guidance or searching for hope, you need to watch this movie. Religious or not you can learn from Courageous. It is powerful…enough that it can not only change some relationships in your life, but it can lead you to life changing ways.

When the time is right for you. Go see Courageous. If you have never heard of it, feel free to watch the movie trailer below. Enjoy!

It might just make you want to spend more time with your family. 

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