Fan puts digits on sign, inbox flooded

A Milwaukee Brewers fan asked Ryan Braun to marry her during a game. Like hundreds of others have done before with a sign at the game. One thing she did to separate herself from the others was put her cell phone number on the sign. The idea seemed like a good one….then it happened. The woman received hundreds of phone calls and text messages and even had her voicemail inbox so full when Braun tried to actually give her a call he couldn’t leave a message.

Common sense comes at a premium these days. I mean at what point to do you think that this would be a good idea. Was the idea that only Braun would see the number? Let’s be honest, we have all done some things that were a better idea while they were in the head and turned out to not be a good idea when they actually happened, but I certainly don’t recall doing anything like this.

I am not sure what is more sad in this story – – 1.) The woman was dumb enough to put her number on a sign for thousands to see and didn’t think of the consequences OR 2.) After being forced to shut her phone off, she actually missed a phone call from the man, Ryan Braun.

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