Kevin Na sets record with 16 on par-4 ninth

Golf is an interesting game. It is difficult though not strenuous….Well, generally. Kevin Na found a way to make this game as stressful as it can be. The guy carded a 16 on a Par-4 hole in the 2011 Valero Texas Open. Na not only hit the ball into the woods, but he went there a second time. Then chose to play the ball. On one of his shots the ball hits a tree, then hits Na which is another penalty. If you are a golfer this is brutal to watch. Na himself, nor the caddy are sure about how to count the strokes by the time he gets out of the woods.

You have to watch this to fully understand it.

You can learn some things from this:

1. Don’t play competitive golf. If you are playing for fun you can just take your ball back out to the fairway or not even go after the ball in the first place (my choice).

2. Don’t wear all white clothes when playing. If you hit straight all the time then go for it. If not, you have have to go digging for the ball.

3. Have a backup shirt. Never know when a trip through the woods will tear holes into a nice looking polo.

4. Hit it straight. If you do this, you won’t have any issues with the trees.

5. Don’t bring up the idea that the ball hit you. Maybe no one saw it, but now you have brought it to their attention. I know this is a “gentleman’s game” and it is about being honest, but c’mon man….it’s a 14 or 16 regardless. Either one is brutal.

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