Youngster getting attention at Augusta National

The 2011 Master’s is underway with golfers beginning play at 7:40 a.m. ET. The tournament always has enough attention, but this year there is one young player who has grabbed some of his own. Rickie Fowler is a rising star. Fowler is the only player to be named the NCAA Player of the Year as a freshman. After a solid career at Oklahoma State, the youngster is taking his shot at professional golf. According to his website, Fowler traded in his dirt bike for a golf cart at the age of 14. He is gaining attention, not only because some experts think he has a shot to win the Master’s, but also because of the way he has been dressing at Augusta National.

Fowler showed up to his press conference with a hat on backwards. That is his style. Some of the more seasoned golfers didn’t appreciate the appearance. Is it really a big deal for someone to dress that way? Yes, golf has had it’s standards and dress code for some time, but welcome to 2011. We live in a different world than some of the veteran golfers have ever known. The younger crowd wouldn’t even think twice about how Fowler was dressed, but the older crowd will definitely catch it.

Everyone has their own style. It isn’t like he is going All-Happy Gilmore on the game or anything. The 22-year old Fowler is just dressing as if he is a 20-something in today’s world.

Fowler is off and running at the Master’s. His tee time this morning was 9:24 ET. Watch for his name on the leader board and don’t be surprised if he is sitting towards the top at any point this weekend. This kid is good and will continue to be good, regardless of how he is allowed to dress. We need some new blood at the Master’s anyway. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have combined for half of the Master’s championships in the last 14 years.

Fowler is using Twitter and this morning tweeted “#GOTIME”.

You can bet he is on Facebook.

The only thing he is missing from being a model of today’s youth……an IPOD. (And maybe playing Angry Birds on the tee box while he waits his turn.)

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