Ferrer hits ball into stands

One of the topics for discussion today has been the act by David Ferrer. The Spanish tennis player lobbed a ball into the stands during a match after he lost a point, while a baby was crying. The outpouring from this act has been tremendous. People are screaming for this guy’s head. While I don’t believe Ferrer was right to do this, was it really as bad as we are trying to make it? First off, you watch the video if you haven’t yet and then continue reading.

Now that you have seen what the talk is all about you have formed your opinion. Some of you are thinking this guy is a major jerk and others just shrugged it off as not a big deal. There are a few things wrong here. First, it was wrong for Ferrer to hit the ball into the stands. Second, why in the world is a baby at a tennis match? Since forever tennis and golf have been two sports that people stay quiet during the action and cheer after the completion of the play. People are saying he hit the ball at a baby, while in reality he just hit the ball in the direction. The ball didn’t come close to where the baby was, yet, people are acting like he lined a bullet off the infants forehead. Could it be that he was trying to send a message to the father? What’s wrong with that? Any man (or woman) in their right mind wouldn’t take a baby to a tennis match.

You can form your own opinion, but the way I see it is this guy just hit the ball in the direction of a young child that was crying. He was trying to send a message. He didn’t even look to get a target, just hit it. Again, I am not saying it was right for him to hit the ball into the stands, however, it certainly isn’t as big of a deal as it is being made out to be.

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