Top 10 Commercials of Super Bowl XLV

Each and every year one of the most talked about things from the Super Bowl are the commercials. There are always some commercials that make you laugh out loud, some that make you shake your head and others that leave you staring into the television wondering what just happened. Some people plan to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials alone.

I have put together a list of my top 10 commercials from this year, top five companies and some of the ugliest. The list is based on commercials that were played after kickoff and immediately following the game. While my opinion is factored into the list, it also includes input from Twitter and Facebook.

Biggest fail
The biggest failure of something outside of anything that happened in the game had to be the National Anthem. Christina Aguilera didn’t sound terrible, but she butchered the words. Not only that, right about the time she got it all mixed up they showed the military group. Kudos to them for not making the disgust they should have felt evident. If you missed the anthem you can see it here:

Worst Companies

  1. Most of the car companies – Chevrolet did alright, but the rest of them were a waste of money.
  2. Coca-Cola – Really? That was the best you could do. Coca-Cola has been around forever you can’t tell me the funds aren’t there to pay someone decent to make a good commercial for the Super Bowl.
  3. – Not a good effort.
  4. GoDaddy – the GoDaddy.CO Girl commercial was disappointing. Made me feel like they were pushing Danica out of the spotlight. She will forever be my girl
  5. Budwesier – They have a commercial that makes my list but just one. Where has Budweiser drifted off to in recent years?

Top Five Companies

  1. Doritos – While they didn’t have my overall favorite commercial, they certainly had the most consistent commercials that made people laugh. They had everything from sucking on someone’s finger to grandpa’s ashes getting dumped all over and even a dog that took down a whole door. Well done, Doritos!
  2. Bridgestone – They had a couple of commercials that may not have been gut busting laughter, but they were entertaining.
  3. Pepsi Max – Three commercials that were slightly humorous. They have to make the list when someone gets hit in the manhood. Those were most of the videos back in the day on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. And while most of us know how painful it is, we still laugh when it happens to someone else.
  4. Chevrolet – A couple of decent commercials.
  5. E*Trade – Commercials were down from year’s past and they weren’t in good slots, but they round out the top five because of the lack of effort from other companies.

Top Ten Commercials
And finally we reach the top ten commericals list of Super Bowl XLV. There were 16 commercials noted during the course of the game and the list has been cut down to ten. Without further ado…..

No. 10 – Doritos: Pug Attack

No. 9 – Bud Light: Dog Sitter

No. 8 – Bridgestone: Reply All

No. 7 – Pepsi Max: Torpedo Cooler

No. 6 – Doritos: House Sitting

No. 5 – Help Me, Faith

No. 4 – Chevrolet: Chevy Cruze Echo Misunderstanding

No. 3 – Bridgestone: The Beaver

No. 2 – Doritos: Best Part

No. 1 – Budweiser: Wild West


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