P90X – Week 4 and 5

So I got lazy last week and failed to update the old blog and progress of P90X. I will combine both week’s in this edition. Week 4 was a recovery week so there was less lifting and more of the cardio-type workouts. Week 5 began phase two of the program. The schedule was the same as the previous phase, with the exception of one workout. It’s hard to believe, but I have almost made it to the halfway point of the program.

Week 4 Schedule

  • Day 1 – Yoga X
  • Day 2 – Core Synergistics
  • Day 3 – Kenpo X
  • Day 4 – X Stretch
  • Day 5 – Cardio X
  • Day 6 – Yoga X
  • Day 7 – Rest or Stretch X

Week 4 Review
This was a fairly easy week considering there wasn’t much for lifting. It was a good week to get some extra cardio and stretching in. Doing Yoga twice in the week really helped gain some flexibility. For the first time in forever, for what I can remember, I can not only touch my toes from a seated position, but grab my heals. I still do not consider myself flexible, but I am certainly more flexible than I have ever been. I continued this week with the extra workout on most of the days and it certainly feels good.

Week 5 Schedule

  • Day 1 – Core Synergistics
  • Day 2 – Cardio X
  • Day 3 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab Ripper X (only new workout)
  • Day 4 – Yoga X
  • Day 5 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 6 – Kenpo X
  • Day 7 – Rest or Stretch X

Week 5 review
I’ve talked about most of these workouts individually so there isn’t really a need to touch on each day. However, day three was something new for me. If you want a serious workout with the shoulders then this is definitely the workout for you. My arms were on fire for almost the entire hour of the workout. There are constant pushups in this workout and even the attempt at one armers. Yeah, I’m not ready for those yet, but like most of life….I am a work in progress and I will be able to do them very soon.

I’ve mentioned before that I have really started to enjoy the Yoga workout. It is amazing to know how much I was unable to do when I began the program and to see what I am doing now, five weeks later. I can almost do everything in the Yoga workout. I still need to gain some flexibility, but it will happen.

Well that’s an update. I am going to try and not miss a week again. I am heading into week six and looking forward to really pushing it this week. If you want to get the results then you have to give the effort.

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Until next week……

Good Luck! You CAN do it!!
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