P90X – Week 2

I found it a lot more difficult to start the workout on Monday. I am someone who likes to try something new so week one was easy to get through because every workout I was doing was something new. Week two is a repeat of week one and when it came time to do the workout on Monday I sit and stared at the tv. Finally a half hour later I was into the workout and actually enjoying here. If you are reading this then you may have read week one. If not, you can read it here.

Like I said, this is a repeat week so you may have read the schedule I am following last week, but here it is again:

  • Day 1 – Core Synergistics
  • Day 2 – Cardio X
  • Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 4 – Yoga X
  • Day 5 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 6 – Kenpo X
  • Day 7 – Rest or Stretch X

Monday – Although it was tough to get in the mood for the workout, I did eventually get there and the workout was great. It was still tough at times, but I did not find myself as sore as I was before. This, I believe, is mostly because I had been stretching all of week one with the other workouts. The constant stretching definitely helps so make sure you take it seriously. Work hard during the stretching and not just the workout part. I really enjoy the core synergistics workout. It is tough, but man it feels good.

Tuesday – Without checking the schedule I proceeded to begin a workout. Little did I know at the time, I was doing the wrong workout. I thought it was the day to work the shoulders, arms and abs. Like I said last week, I like doing arms and shoulders and always have. I worked extremely hard this week. I topped marks from last week and when the burn settled in I did more and worked harder. When the workout was over my shoulders, triceps and biceps burned like no other. The next day I felt great….no pain.

Wednesday – Since I got a little off on the schedule I went back and nabbed cardio. This is the shortest day of a workout, but it is a great workout. If you aren’t dripping after doing this one then you simply didn’t give it your best effort. It’s a fun workout because it mixes in plyometrics, kenpo, yoga, etc.. While I like this workout, something happened towards the end. I was giving the workout everything I had. It felt great, but with nine minutes remaining we were into the big tires and when I landed on my left leg I nearly dropped. I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I can’t stand not finishing things when being so close to the end so I tried to fight through the pain and continue, but any movement became more and more painful. I stepped away. It is not worth injuring yourself further if something hurts. Keep in mind this pain was different then the pain from last week. Last week was pain from getting back into a workout, or as I call them “my fat cramps”. This was injury pain. Workout pain and injured pain are separate and it is important you know the difference and be honest with yourself on which is which.

Thursday – I wasn’t sure most of the day how I was going to get a workout in. I mentioned Wednesday that I pulled a muscle in my lower back. It hurt all day long. Hurt to stand, hurt to sit, hurt to walk….I couldn’t get comfortable. When it came down to it, I stretched out as much as I could after work and got into the Yoga workout. To my surprise there wasn’t much pain during the workout, but after the workout concluded it was very painful. The Yoga workout is very relaxing.

Friday – Back to the legs, back and ab ripper x. I struggle with this workout at times because of the pull-ups. I didn’t realize I was as bad at pull-ups as I am. However, I have started using the chair technique. It works for now and will help build some muscles so I can do away with it down the road.  figured I can not use the chair and do a few here and there or I can use the chair and get a full workout in. If I keep sweating then I believe it is working. Ab Ripper X continues to be tough, but like they say on the workouts this is not Ab Ripper 100 or Ab Ripper 200, it’s Ab Ripper 339. It is supposed to be tough. I struggle with lower back pain during the workout, but I give it as much as I can and I certainly can feel it.

Saturday – Back to Kenpo. I enjoy this workout. It is tough at times, but fun and goes by very quickly. I found myself really tired after this one. I think it is mostly because I continue to put more and more effort into the workouts. When I began I wanted to just get workouts in. Two weeks later I was to reach the numbers that the instructors are hitting. I am still a ways off, but without a goal in mind it would be tough to get there.

Sunday – It’s the day to rest and it feels good to have a bit of a break and relax.

Tips to working out

  1. Stretch – I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is important to you feeling better the day after the workout. Take this as seriously as you do the rest of the workout and you will feel better the following days.
  2. Work Hard – You will only get out of this workout what you put into it. If you work for good results you will get good results. If you are lazy and don’t push yourself then you will see less results. Now, with that being said, don’t overdo it. You know what your limit is, but decide….are you at the point where it burns and you know you can do a few more? Or are you at the point where if you do one or two more then you will be injured? Know the difference, it is very important to your well being.
  3. Set Goals – It is difficult to measure your success if you don’t set a goal for yourself and attempt to reach it. Your goals don’t have to be Tony’s (the instructor) goals. He is in good shape, he should be able to do more than you in the early goings. Set a goal and work your butt off to reach it. If you aren’t grunting towards the end then your goal was too low. If you hit your goal and aren’t quite feeling it then go over your goal. The goal isn’t always your max, just a number you want to hit or do more than.
  4. Breathe – They stress this a lot and I mentioned it last week. Here is the tip though, when you breath…do it slowly and deep. Take deep breaths and let them out slowly….especially when you are stretching. It allows for a much deeper stretch and your body will thank you later.
  5. Get your mind right – If you go into the workout not sure if you want to be doing it then there is a good chance you will do it halfheartedly. If you do this then you are wasting your time. Find something that motivates you and makes you want to do the workout then give it your all on everything. When it gets tougher, work HARDER. That is when you know it is working.

Two weeks ago I started P90X at 215lbs. I was tired a lot and wasn’t feeling good about things. Today I am down five pounds from where I started and the workouts have given me energy. There is a good chance I would see more results if I would follow the diet plan, but I haven’t. I am comfortable with where I am in the workouts and I want to get more out of it. I might add something next week, but you will have to check back to find out what it is.

That’s it for this week. Work hard in whatever workout you may be doing or starting this week. Find a friend to workout with and motivate you. If you need some motivation look me up and let’s chat. You can find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. As always, until next week…….


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