P90X – Week 1

I have decided that one way to hold myself accountable for sticking with P90X is to try to keep up with a weekly blog. The goal of this section of my blog is to talk about my experience with the program, to track progress and to help motivate others if they are also trying it out. I hope you enjoy the read and if you would like to keep each other motivated then let me know.

How I got started
One of my good buddies, Andy, asked me if I wanted to do a challenge with him. I said yes before asking what it was. Well, it’s P90X. We live in different towns, but are able to stay in touch and updated through texting, facebook and twitter. (By the way, you can follow him here or follow me, if you wish.) We have both set a goal to get back in shape. Hopefully the workout will help us in this and by that time it is March and we can begin some outside workouts as well.

When I began the workouts I weighed 215lbs and my abs were completely covered by, well….let’s call it lumpy skin. While there isn’t much change in week one, I hope I can find my abs by the end of the 13-week program.

Workout Program
The program I am using is a lean workout that follows the same routine for three weeks before a recovery in week four. Here is the schedule:

  • Day 1 – Core Synergistics
  • Day 2 – Cardio X
  • Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 4 – Yoga X
  • Day 5 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Day 6 – Kenpo X
  • Day 7 – Rest or Stretch X

Week 1 Review:
If I regret anything from this workout it is not being in any other form of shape besides round. This was extremely tough to get started and to be completely honest, I don’t know if I would have made it through this week without some motivation from someone else. Day one was absolutely brutal. It was a good brutal though. While I know it was working and starting me in the right direction it hurt everything in my body. On Tuesday when I tried to get out of bed it was tough. It hurt to walk all day.

Then came cardio. I could hardly move, but I set my mind to it, stretched a lot and loosened up so I could continue the program. Cardio is always fun, albeit tough, but fun. You can really feel when you are being productive in cardio. After the workout I stretched some extra to prepare for the next day. I sat down in the chair and stiffened up in about 45 minutes. It hurt to pick things up off the floor, hurt to stand up, hurt to walk. Everything was painful. This workout got to be pretty intense. It has you kick in all directions. (Workout TIP: Move everything out of the way.) I thought I had things moved out of the way, but Tony started yelling and I started working harder. Next thing I know I kicked over a table. I had water and a scentsy warmer on the table, wax was everywhere. By the way, an iron and a brown paper bag can take wax off the walls and out of the carpet. Try it!! I will credit my sister, Elsie, and friend, Kristin, for suggesting such technique.

Shoulders and arms day was exciting for me. It is an area I have always been stronger in. Add in Ab ripper X to the workout and it was about 1hr 15min long workout. I alternated between heavier weights and lighter weights depending on the workout. After it was over my arms burned like no other. The ab ripper workout was tough. I hurt. I have always been weaker in my lower back and it has always hurt to do sit-ups and really anything to do with ab work. I did not do the complete workouts, something I hope changes over time. I did as much as possible and fought through pain, so much so, sweat dripped from my face. You know you are working hard when sweat is running like a river. The idea is to work as hard as possible, push yourself to the max and improve each week. That’s my plan. Stay tuned here and you will find out if it works. I am hoping the process will help to strengthen my lower back and become less painful. I do know the abs are working though. The cramping I felt was a good cramp, one I haven’t felt since the last time I worked the abs hard…..in high school (about 7 years ago…yikes!).

Day 4 was something new to me….YOGA!! I have always known I don’t have good balance, nor do I have good flexibility. This is showing strong signs of being able to change that. The 1.5 hour workout is filled with intense balancing. The first 45 minutes area¬† tough workout and the next 45 get easier as time ticks away. It is a workout that helps clear the mind. It was nice after a stressful day to wash everything away for that short time. The workout concludes with a little meditating. Okay, I admit it….I laughed the first and second time I did it, but then relaxed and man did it feel good. So relaxed. After the Yoga I felt the best I have all week. It helped really stretch out.

Day 5 called for legs and back workout. I have done pull-ups from time to time, but I certainly learned on this day that they are a weakness. It is extremely difficult to work out for 60 minutes and continue to do pull-ups in between. Keep track of reps and get better, that’s all you can do. I have done a lot of calf raises in my time (although you can’t tell with my chicken legs), but I have never pointed the toes outward, straight, then inward. I felt a part of my leg I didn’t realize existed. And I felt it the next day. This was quite a workout and tough being five days into the first week.

Day 6 was Kenpo. This is a fun workout. If I continue working on this program then I just may be the next karate kid. It is an intense workout that keeps you moving. Tough? Sure. It’s supposed to be. It is fun and was a good workout no doubt.

Day 7 is a rest or stretch x week. I didn’t get much rest. Instead I went to the Chiefs playoff game against the Ravens. The calves were burning as we walked and walked. I tried to continue to stretch them out, but sub-freezing temperatures stiffened the muscles. By the end of the game it hurt to walk, but you have to stretch and push through it. It will get better. Take a break on this day and do the stretching. Your body will appreciate it.

Tips to working out

  1. Stretch – They stretch before and after each workout. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. You will feel the difference and if you get behind on stretching it will be painful and tough to get caught up.
  2. Breathe – Very important. You will be surprised how much more you can do in everything. Don’t hold your breath. Breath in and out slowly.
  3. Eating – Don’t eat right before a workout. I know this seems like common sense, but one day I let hunger get to me. It was before Yoga and was a big mistake. If you do eat, let it settle.
  4. Motivation – Get a workout buddy. You don’t have to live close, just someone who will commit to the program and keep you updated on their progress. You do the same.
  5. Get it in your head – that you want to do this and you can do this. Don’t quit. Set a goal and reach it. If you don’t reach it, get it next time. You will get better as the time goes on.

That’s it for this week. Check back next week for another update. I hope you find some motivation here and you are able to get on board. I would love to hear your progress as well. Take care and until next time…..

Good Luck! You CAN do it!
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