Randy Moss in Kansas City….it just makes sense

Randy Moss (left) and Matt Cassel (Right) shined for the Patriots in 2008. Could the duo reunite in Kansas City?

First and foremost the talented problem child would have to fall far enough for the Chiefs to make a claim, but if he does fall to the Chiefs – they need to sign him.

If you asked me a year ago I wouldn’t have been a fan of Kansas City signing a guy like Randy Moss. Everyone knows that anywhere the wide receiver ends up there is baggage to follow.

Why would Moss be a good fit for Kansas City?

1. The Chiefs don’t have a true No. 1 – Yes, Dwayne Bowe is an improved wide receiver, but the former LSU standout is notorious for dropping big time passes. He has made some big plays, but he does drop a lot of balls.

2. Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones – These two would benefit tremendously from the addition of Randy Moss. The Chiefs lack of wide receivers allows opposing defenses the chance to walk a safety up and help stop the run. If Moss is in the game they have to respect him and D-Bowe. Add in a Chris Chambers that is still pretty good and there is not extra help to stop the run. The presence of Moss on the field, even without a catch, would be tremendous.

3. Coaching staff – Randy Moss clearly wants to play for coaches that he can respect and will respect him. Tedy Bruschi said this on NFL live, “If your team has a coach that is a grown man, sign him.” Todd Haley may be a young coach, but the man demands respect. Add that with Charlie Weiss as the offensive coordinator, who has had proven success at his position, and Moss will see he has an opportunity to shine with the Chiefs.

4. Matt Cassell – Moss made the quarterback look like a star in 2008. The two played well together. Even in the game against the Chiefs after Tom Brady was injured the two connected for a touchdown and the Patriots won 17-10. Cassell doesn’t have a reliable guy. This is the type of transaction that could make Matt Cassell’s career int he NFL. Picture Moss, Bowe, Chambers and Moeaki with Jamaal Charles as another dangerous threat. The Chiefs offense would improve significantly.

5. Scott Pioli – He was with the Patriots when they signed Moss in 2007. He doesn’t seem like the guy to want problem guys on his team, but he does recognize talent and knows what he has to do to win Super Bowls.

Why isn’t Moss a good fit in Kansas City?

Big time talent could outweigh potential distractions for Scott Pioli and company

1. Baggage – We know there will be baggage with Moss. Can the Chiefs keep him happy so he doesn’t become a distraction? If he becomes a distraction it could cost the Chiefs a chance at the postseason.

2. Age – The Chiefs have a young team and are trying to build into a solid contender year in and year out. Is adding a 33-year old wide receiver something that would help the organization? Hey, even if it’s a one year wonder it would help the Chiefs this season.

3. Money – Not that money is a problem, but the team would be responsible for the contract that the Vikings have with Moss. The contract is out of the control of the Chiefs.

As with everything there are reasons for and against something and also there are hang ups. So what teams could prevent Moss from signing with the Chiefs?

Kansas City is sitting at clear down the waiver wire, something the Chiefs are used to. When you have a successful team things like this will happen. While there are plenty of teams ahead of Kansas City, who is a likely candidate to sign the wide receiver? (waiver wire position according to NFL Insider Adam Schefter)

1. Bills (No. 1) – They get first dibs, but when your team is winless does it really make sense? They need to build with younger players.

2. Rams (No. 13) – Bradford has looked good for the Rams and it didn’t help his top wide receiver went down with season ending injury. Amendola has filled in nicely, but the Rams are missing a deep threat wide receiver. If the Rams feel they are a contender then this might be a good landing spot.

The Oakland Raiders could call on Moss for a second time, this time to keep him from Kansas City.

3. Raiders (No. 14) – There is new life in Oakland and Raiders fans would love to see Moss back in black and silver. He would compliment the running game and if Heyward-Bay and Murphy continue to improve then this would be a solid offense.  The Raiders could also make the move to block him from potentially landing in Kansas City.

4. Redskins (No. 15) – This would make sense. The Redskins have signed other guys with issues a la Albert Haynesworth. Armstrong has stepped up as a nice wide receiver for the Skins, but the only real threat on the team is Santana Moss. Having the two Moss boys line up on opposite sides could be dangerous. Chris Cooley is a good option as well at tight end. Perhaps they should work out a quarterback issue first…

5. Seahawks (No. 16) – Pete Carroll is trying to build a team. Not sure if Moss would be a great fit for him, but with a veteran quarterback having a decent year, this could be a legit landing spot. The ironic thing is Branch left Seattle for New England after Moss was traded to Minnesota.

6. Bears (No. 17) – They need wide receiver help badly in Chicago, but does anyone else see a problem with this? Cutler didn’t get along with Marshall in Denver, could be the same type of conflicts in Chicago.

7. Dolphins (No. 18) – A team that doesn’t need the wide receiver, but would certainly improve. Marshall and Moss in the same lineup could be a dangerous combination. Miami could sing him just to make sure he doesn’t end up back in New England.

8. Chiefs (No. 25)

The fact of the matter is that Moss would have to fall a ways to get to Kansas City, but it certainly could happen. If he does fall down the list the Chiefs should consider taking the wide receiver. There are many reasons why he would make this team more of a contender. His presence on the field would be second to none. Kansas City fans are hoping for the playoffs and more.

With the addition of Moss this team could be talked about as a Super Bowl contender.

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