Game of the Week Preview: Southern Virginia at Lindsey Wilson

Due to the lack of history for Lindsey Wilson and the youth of players on the team,
“Thayer’s Thoughts” will not be offering a position-by-position breakdown of this week’s game of the week. However, we will take a look at the matchup and get an overview of the game. You can also watch for the Special, mystery position-by-position breakdown that will take the place of this week’s.

Before we get into that, let’s talk Knights and Blue Raiders. Lindsey Wilson is in its first season of football in 75 years. Back in the day the school was a junior college and had a football team, but it was only a club team. The Blue Raiders are going to go through some ups and downs (mostly downs) this season with a young team. That is to be expected. I do like that they scheduled 11 games this season. The team does not have a week off like most teams. This allows for the young players to gain some more experience and understanding of the game.

Southern Virginia is also less than a decade old, but they have had time to become a program. DeLane Fitzgerald is in his third season as the head coach of the Knights and looking to make things happen for the program. The team has already been in a pair of lopsided games to start the 2010 season. After falling in the opener to Concord, 72-21, the team bounced Radford 44-6.

Lindsey Wilson is a big time player in the NAIA when it comes to soccer. I think the football program can get there, but it will take a couple of years to get some guys with experience and the senior leadership.

Southern Virginia has more experience at head coach with his program and they have more experienced players as well. I think SVU has a big advantage heading into the weekend. Lindsey Wilson scored one touchdown last week and it came on a kickoff return. The team will have to score some points offensively if they are going to have a chance against the nights.

You can watch this game for yourself and get a look at the new field at Lindsey Wilson. The Blue Raiders are seeking the first win in program history, watch it here.

– 31

– 17

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