The last month has been….

….well I guess you can say crazy. Today is the first time I have logged on to my blog in awhile and I looked back at the last post…exactly one month. That is way too long for me to not be updating here so I will try to get better. I am going to explain the last month here and you might understand why I haven’t written a post in some time.

First of all, on July 23rd I was basically told that I wasn’t going to have a job. The company I was working for, College Fanz Sports Network, was folding due to financial reasons. This came as a slight surprise and much disappointment. Unfortunately, it was out of my control. On Monday, we got the official phone call and informed we no longer had jobs. With my job, went my internet access. Such is life.

I immediately emailed a number of people and began applying for jobs. I left the very next day for a summer planned trip with my brother. We made our way to Chicago on Tuesday (the 27th) and watched the White Sox host the Mariners that night. After the game we made our way to Milwaukee to stay for the night. On Wednesday we watched the Brewers host the Cincinnati Reds. Miller Park is an absolutely gorgeous ballpark. Pryor to the game we went on a tour through Miller Valley (the brewery). And yes, enjoyed the free samples. After the game we walked about downtown Milwaukee for a bit and then hit the road for Madison, where we crashed for the night. Thursday was the final day of the trip as we drove to Dyersville, Iowa to step foot on the Field of Dreams movie site. There wasn’t a lot to do, but I loved it. I have always wanted to go. I plan to write a blog very soon with some photos from that. We made our way home that night and it was back to reality.

Jason Dannelly had reaquired the Victory Sports Network and asked if I could help with the broadcasts of the GPAC, KCAC and HAAC media days. On Aug. 3 we were in Lincoln, Neb. for the Great Plains Athletic Conference media day, the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference media day was Aug. 6 in Salina, Kan. and the Heart of America Athletic Conference media day was in Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium. It was good to get out and talk to some coaches, SID’s, and conference commissioners to prote the return of VSN.

The job search is going rather slowly, but I hope to land something full-time very soon. I am trying to get a job that will allow me to continue to help Jason with the VSN Game of the Week broadcast. He has put together a very nice broadcast schedule that should be very exciting for NAIA fans.

Anyway, the lack of internet limits the amount of blogs I can write. I am hoping that changes soon. I do go to Burger King and jump on their free internet once in awhile, maybe I should be more of a regular visitor there.

Anyway, the first VSN Game of the Week broadcast is the Victory Sports Network First Down Classic. The game will kickoff August 28 at 6:00 p.m. CT at People’s Bank Field between the Ottawa Braves and the Baker Wildcats. The meeting is the first between the two programs in 17 years. You can watch the game live, by clicking here.

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