I met them where?

This is going to be one of the more weird blogs I ever write, I hope. Well, let’s go with weird, but interesting. I have met numerous people in the media industry in my few innings of being a media “professional”. Yes, I put it in quotations on purpose…

Some of the people you meet are very well-known, while others not so much. Most, though, are great people to talk to. So how do I meet these people? Some are walking around a field, in a press conference, in the press box, eating before/after a game, etc… But that is not always the case. Three of the more famous I have met have been in a special place….the bathroom.

As weird as that may sound, it’s true. Let’s see if you have heard of any of these guys I met in the little boys room. The first was in August of 2008. I managed to get a media pass to the Colorado/Colorado State rivalry at Invesco Field in Denver. At one point in the game, nature called and to my surprise, there stood Woody Paige. Now, this is a weird situation….is it okay to greet someone like that in the bathroom? I was supposed to be a media professional, but I used the “I’m just out of college” thought and said hello. He could have been a jerk about it, but he wasn’t.

The other two happened today (hence, what triggered this blog). When I rolled in to Omaha for Game 2 of the Championship Series, I began to get situated for the game. Get something to eat, go use the facility, etc…As I enter the bathroom, there stands Mike Patrick and Orel Hershiser…neat. This time, nearly two years after my run into Mr. Paige, I smiled and said, “How’s it goin fellas?”

I was shocked when they actually responded, but nice guys. Patrick left first and before Hershiser walked out he took a deep breath and said, “Here we go.” So perhaps, I’m not the only one who gets nervous before a broadcast. (Yes, I know…they are on a much bigger network.)

I never thought of this before but after meeting three guys in the bathroom in three years, I will be sure to keep track of everyone I meet in the little boys room.

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